Our Factory


Slobber Chops Dog Treats is a Queensland Safe Foods accredited facility with accreditation number 123986000. We are also HACCP accredited through SCI QUAL International.

All of our manufactured products are Australian products and processed at our factory on the Gold Coast by us. We have complete traceability to all our manufactured products and we are certain that all our products are certified to be:

  1. Single meat ingredient
  2. LTLH air-drying process
  3. Healthy and tasty
  4. Dangerously Additive
  5. Free of additive and preservative

We only deal with government certified and accredited facilities that are governed by stringent regulations in regards to the products they process and all follow controlled ethical systems in regards to livestock welfare.

We are very proud of the standards we have achieved in our pet’s health and nutrition and we believe we are at the forefront of our industry.

The Slobber Chops Dog Treats main objective is the well-being and balanced health of our pets, and the planet.